Re: RFC: Common desktop-wide paths

> Why not instead create the folders in $HOME with LANG=C and have the
> $HOME/Desktop/<folder> be a symlink in the current locale of the user?
> That has advantages - people performing support can "know" where pictures
> are stored. Whereas users can have those folders presented in their
> preferred language.
> For example:
> $HOME/Desktop/Abbildung is a symlink to $HOME/Pictures
> or that
> $HOME/Desktop/Musique is a symlink to $HOME/Music

That would not work well for the following use cases:

The user has his own 'music' directory and wants to set that as the
default music directory.

The user wants to save his Pictures and Music in the same directory.

Marc's solution would work well in both situations.

That solution does not work very well when the organisation of files
needs to be changed.

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