Re: Should Desktop = Home?

Matthew Gatto wrote:
* Steven Garrity <stevelist silverorange com> [04.10.02 15:35]:
Yeah, I figured this was probably debated and decided years ago. However, I couldn't turn anything up. Can anyone enlighten us as to the official reasoning for the current setup?

I've read through both that thread and that bug. There was some good debate about the merits and drawbacks of $Home as Desktop, and I can understand why the current arrangement was reached. ~/Desktop is simple and matches with KDE. There was also no clear consensus on the $Home as Desktop issue, so I can understand why it wasn't done.

However, I'm still not convinced it's a bad idea. I've set my own system up to use $Home as Desktop and will use it for a few weeks.

Much of this debate was 6 months to 1 year old as well. I don't think it's a worthless re-hash to revisit the issue now that we've had ~/Desktop for a while now.

As for legacy apps dumping stuff in the $Home dir, I'm using a system that has had Fedora Core 2 on it for about 5 months. The only think cluttery/crufty that I have in my $Home dir is a $Home/bin dir with some shortcuts.

Steven Garrity

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