Re: Should Desktop = Home?

Samuel Abels wrote:
Glancing through my $HOME folder I see several directories
created by applications that break the common rules of prepending ".".

Among the folders that I have never created manually are "C" (wine
"ccl" (freecraft), "dcc" (no idea), "music" (no idea), "evolution"
(I'm still running an old Evo, this should be solved with evo-2.0).
Plus, there are "visible" files created by (probably the same)

Also, the home folder is sometimes used to install user-specific
applications. Of course, you could collect them into a subfolder ~/bin/,
but would you want that visible on the desktop? Well, I guess you

Aren't most of these folders that could easily live somewhere else than in the $HOME (and maybe should)? Like you said, Evolution 2.0 is already hiding its dir.

Steven Garrity

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