Re: RFC: Common desktop-wide paths

On Sat, 2004-10-02 at 23:39 +1000, Tristan Buckmaster wrote:
> > The Mime types are hierarchical EG "Audio" which contains subtypes for
> > individual audio types so in that case you could specify all Audio files
> > to have a default location of $Home/Desktop/Music.
> Yes but they don't go far enough to classify something as music or a
> photo, etc...
They do with subtypes so Image->Gif could be set up to a Gif Folder
whilst Image->Bitmap to another etc.

> > The advantage of using Mime is that it gives you fine grained control of
> > what goes where thus making it useful for more advanced users who want
> > to customise things to a higher degree.
> You already have this fine grained control with the current system web
> browsers employ.  If the last saved file of the same mime type went in a
> particular folder, then you most likely want to put the file in the same folder.
> Say for example you are saving source code files of a project one by one. At
> the same time as you are downloading the source files you maybe download
> some images of penguins and storing them in a directory you made called
> 'penguins'.  This works great as you only need to point your browser to the
> right directory twice.  Using the system you desccribed would require the
> user to point the brower to the correct location everytime and the 'penguins'
> folder and the project folder are not default folders.

I would expect it to work as follows: A web browser would offer a choice
of downloading to default location (for that mime type) or a user
selectable choice (which would default to the last user selected
folder). Epiphany already provides such choice via its "Download Link"
option and "Save Link As" option.


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