Re: RFC: Common desktop-wide paths

On Sat, 2 Oct 2004 23:06:15 +1000
Tristan Buckmaster <tristan buckmaster gmail com> wrote:

> I do not see what is wrong with the current download system where the
> web browser points you to the directory you last stored a file of the
> same MIME type.  

Why I really like the ~/Downloads (or ~/Desktop/Downloads) is, that I
often download stuff from the internet to try them out, e.g. a new
program I heard of a icon-set, some mp3s ...
Often stuff I don't consider too important, or at least I have first to
check *if* they are so important that they go into my 'Documents' or
'Music' folder.

The Firefox way is pretty straight forward, download your file(s) open
the Download folder (which will always be the same, at the
same position), decide if you like the file and then Move/Delete it.

This is somehow like 'try before you buy', your way you have to pay
(think of a right place to safe it) before you was even able to have a
look on your product.

But I'm with you if it comes to this "auto-sorting" mechanism. I think
this is ugly. It forces the user to know which filetype belongs to which
directory, this is much to technical, isn't it? And again I want to 'try
before buy'!

Thanks for you attention ;-)


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