Re: Polypaudio/Gnome 2.10, coming to a decision

Hi Lennart,
Danilo Segan replied to you on this as the third response on your
previous thread. The decision is basically in the hands of GNOME release
team (based on what they feel is the consensus/right decision from the
discussion being done on this and other relevant lists). The GNOME
release team has the full and final authority on deciding on what new
modules will/will not be included in the next GNOME release.

As Danilo pointed out the release team has until January 10th to
announce the final list of modules for 2.10. Wether they will come with
a statement on polypaudio or any of the other proposed additions before
that time I guess is up to them, but that is in essence how the system

I realize you would like a reply before that as it is probably a bit
frustrating in the current situation due to the unclear consensus from
the desktop-devel discussion, on the other side we instigated the
release team and the current process to try and make things more
transparent and clear, so sticking with the pre-announced process would
not be unfair to anyone I think.


On Tue, 2004-11-30 at 17:35 +0100, Lennart Poettering wrote:
> Hi!
> A week ago I started the tread about "polypaudio - the next
> steps". The discussion has petered out, more or less, but there wasn't
> anything like a final conclusion yet. Predominantly Colin Walters (but
> also several others) opposed to make polypaudio part of Gnome 2.10
> (in any form, "GNOME Platform" or "GNOME Desktop"). I would like to
> know whether that is consensus on desktop-devel-list? What will the
> status of polypaudio regarding Gnome be?
> Because I know that I probably won't get any "official" or "definite"
> answer to this question (probably only a reiteration of the issues
> raised last week) in any time soon, I assume that it might be a good
> idea to ask a different question, which is more relevent for my work
> and hopefully easier to respond to:
> Is there any need for me to tie polypaudio's development cycle to
> Gnome's in any way? Is there any need for me to provide a stabilized
> polypaudio release for any special date from the Gnome 2.10 release
> schedule?
> Effectively, if the answer is "no", I will slow down polypaudio's
> development since there's no real time target me to pursue. 
> Thank you,
>       Lennart

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