Polypaudio/Gnome 2.10, coming to a decision


A week ago I started the tread about "polypaudio - the next
steps". The discussion has petered out, more or less, but there wasn't
anything like a final conclusion yet. Predominantly Colin Walters (but
also several others) opposed to make polypaudio part of Gnome 2.10
(in any form, "GNOME Platform" or "GNOME Desktop"). I would like to
know whether that is consensus on desktop-devel-list? What will the
status of polypaudio regarding Gnome be?

Because I know that I probably won't get any "official" or "definite"
answer to this question (probably only a reiteration of the issues
raised last week) in any time soon, I assume that it might be a good
idea to ask a different question, which is more relevent for my work
and hopefully easier to respond to:

Is there any need for me to tie polypaudio's development cycle to
Gnome's in any way? Is there any need for me to provide a stabilized
polypaudio release for any special date from the Gnome 2.10 release

Effectively, if the answer is "no", I will slow down polypaudio's
development since there's no real time target me to pursue. 

Thank you,

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