Re: Browser Bookmarks Menu (Gnome Applet) 0.2

On Mon, 1 Nov 2004, Tom von Schwerdtner wrote:

I'm not so into that idea.  If people want the bookmarks from previously
used browsers then they can and should migrate them.  I think you would

This doesn't fly when people use multiple browsers alongside (but true, this isn't a very common scenario). Regardless of that, having to manually migrate bookmarks is placing a unnecessary burden on the user. Why not let the computer do the sensible thing and have it Just Work?

the 80% of of them who have old browser bookmarks laying around that
they don't care about.

Are you sure about that?

Besides, don't you think it would be annoying to discover that running
Mozilla once would cause the default Mozilla bookmarks to show up in the

I do think that would be annoying, but those are details that can be worked around.


Reinout van Schouwen

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