Re: Proposed Module Request, Request

Jeff Waugh wrote:

<quote who="James Henstridge">

Note that there is nothing wrong with having modules that aren't part of
the desktop or developer platform directly in gnome-2.10.modules.  If the
package is of general interest, then I don't see a problem with it being

Disagree - the jhbuild lists should reflect the official modules, otherwise
people won't be sure of what they're meant to be testing, translating, etc.
The jhbuild module sets have always contained build info for more packages than the just the Gnome desktop and developer platform, and this hasn't been a problem.

If you want to build the Gnome desktop and nothing else, you just use ["meta-gnome-desktop"] as the list of modules you want to build. In fact, this is the default for the sample configuration files (and the default if you don't set modules in the configuration file).


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