Re: Proposed Module Request, Request

Bryan Clark wrote:

So I'd like to make a request of proposed module maintainers to make
sure to add their packages to jhbuild as they propose the modules.  I
hope others agree this would be a helpful thing to have.  For the ui-
review having the new modules in jhbuild means during a review everyone
could actually be running the same version of the application for
once... wow. ;-)

I already have my own way of adding the modules [2], but I'd definitely
defer to jamesh or someone else on the best way to add them. I think
I've probably over-engineered a solution, but it makes cvs quieter and
less conflicting for me.
Note that there is nothing wrong with having modules that aren't part of the desktop or developer platform directly in gnome-2.10.modules. If the package is of general interest, then I don't see a problem with it being listed.

Perhaps it would make sense to have a "meta-gnome-proposed" meta module that listed all the proposed modules, as a way to build all the proposed 2.10 modules though. That might do what you want.


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