Re: new module for gnome 2.10: goobox

Il giorno lun, 01-11-2004 alle 20:05 +1100, Jeff Waugh ha scritto:
> <quote who="Paolo Bacchilega">
> > I propose Goobox for inclusion in the desktop part of GNOME.
> > 
> > Goobox is a CD player and ripper, it uses GStreamer to play and rip CDs,
> > cdparanoia is the only required gstreamer plugin because it's used to play
> > CDs, the plugins used to rip CDs are: vorbisenc, flacenc, lame, wavenc;
> > however this plugins are optional and their availability is checked at
> > runtime.  Another options dependency is libneon, if present it is used to
> > search and download CD cover images on Internet.
> > 
> > There is neither documentation nor localisation at the moment;
> > accessibility should be fairly easy because the only custom widget is the
> > volume button widget; usability and HIG-compliance are the reason why I
> > did this program so there is no problem here ;)
> Given that sound-juicer has existed as a popular GNOME application for some
> time, is one of the great examples of HIG-compliant, well thought out GNOME
> application design, includes documentation, has been translated, hammered on
> fairly solidly, and has plans to integrate CD playing functionality... What
> do you think are the differentiating factors that would convince everyone to
> switch to goobox?

I haven't seen the player functionality in s-j yet, so cannot judge it
as a player, however goobox is already feature complete both as a player
and as a ripper, adding documentation or translations it's fairly easy.

> [ It looks rad, btw, but I'm not sure why you didn't contribute CD playing
> patches to sound-juicer. :-) ]

I didn't know s-j was going to be a player too, sorry.

> Thanks,
> - Jeff

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