new module for gnome 2.10: goobox


I propose Goobox for inclusion in the desktop part of GNOME.

Goobox is a CD player and ripper, it uses GStreamer to play and rip CDs,
cdparanoia is the only required gstreamer plugin because it's used to
play CDs, the plugins used to rip CDs are: vorbisenc, flacenc, lame,
wavenc; however this plugins are optional and their availability is
checked at runtime.  Another options dependency is libneon, if present
it is used to search and download CD cover images on Internet.

There is neither documentation nor localisation at the moment;
accessibility should be fairly easy because the only custom widget is
the volume button widget; usability and HIG-compliance are the reason
why I did this program so there is no problem here ;)

There is no website however you can see some screeshots here:

You can download the latest tarball here:

Goobox is available in the goobox module on CVS.


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