Re: Proposal: Create a standard default location for pictures

> On Thu, 2004-05-27 at 20:36, Alan Cox wrote:
> > There are some implementation problems to consider as well, that I at
> > least have yet to see a good generic solution for. Assuming you've got
> > some list of directories agreed (which is definitely not a desktop-devel
> > item in itself) consider what happens when I log in in English, save my
> > photographs, log in in Welsh and save some more.
> Also, any solution to this problem needs to be used for the currently
> existing ~/Desktop and ~/Templates too. 

This may sound silly but what about replacing ~/Desktop ~/Templates
~/Pictures ... by ~/.desktop ~/.templates ~/.pictures

Then we can create symbolic links to these directories using the current
locale, so ~/Bureau would point to ~/.desktop if I log in in French, and
~/Bilder would point to ~/.pictures in German.

Of course we would need to store these translated locations somewhere so
every app could retrieve them easily.

I'm sorry to add noise to the list if this is irrelevant.


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