Re: Binary version for GNOME, Re: GNOME on distros

fre 2004-05-28 klockan 04.07 skrev Budhi Setiawan:
> sometimes, i'm still looking, searhcing [and wondering] whereis binary
> version GNOME 2.4.x or 2.6.x,..
> for FreeBSD I got and it work
> and for slackware can use ,
> the questins is how about the other version of linux or *BSD ?
> do you the other way to save the binary version for debian, gentoo or
> redhat or maybe for NetBSD then install it latter ?

The GNOME project doesn't provide binaries of its software¹. It provides
source packages, from which distributors and other interested parties
can build and package binary packages for their respective target

So if you want GNOME for distribution X, you should first and foremost
try to get it from distribution X. If they don't provide recent enough
versions of GNOME software, you can perhaps find it from some other
distributor. But you won't in general find binaries on

This is exactly what the page,
which was already referenced in this thread, tries to help with. It
provides instructions for how to get/install the latest stable GNOME
binaries from your distributor.


¹ There actually was a GNOME Packaging Project once
( that aimed to provide binary
packages, but it seems very much dead at this point. Building, packaging
and subsequent testing of binaries requires a lot of resources, and I
think most people in the GNOME developer community agree that it is the
distributors who generally have the suitable resources and expertise in
their target platform(s) needed for proper integration and packaging.

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