Re: Proposal: Create a standard default location for pictures

On Iau, 2004-05-27 at 22:16, Shaun McCance wrote:
> This email is about a development issue for the desktop which affects
> application interoperability.  The email is a well-reasoned and concrete
> proposal.  You can't get much more concrete short of attaching a patch.
> It would seem that nothing is actually on-topic here.

I think its also relevant. However I'd suggest it is taken to 
freedesktop (gnome-list is pointless - its a place for developers to
dump stuff they don't wish to hear).

The reason I say this is

You want KDE/Gnome/Other apps to have the same policy for files.	That
means a policy outside of just Gconf.

There are some implementation problems to consider as well, that I at
least have yet to see a good generic solution for. Assuming you've got
some list of directories agreed (which is definitely not a desktop-devel
item in itself) consider what happens when I log in in English, save my
photographs, log in in Welsh and save some more.

Another question to consider is how applications should behave in the
presence of such a system. Do image viewers open by default in the
picture directory, do applications pass mime-types to a query function
to find the default download path for the type ?

I am, like Marc, extremely uninterested in a flamewar about directory
names, but I and suspect lots of other people are very interested in how
you build the infrastructure to support this and actual code to tackle
the problem.


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