gscreensaver :: a bit of a mockup

I get the feeling I'm treading on eggshells here, but I was encouraged
to post something I did the other week.

There is a mockup of my sample lock screen dialog available (yes it's in
Python, "it's only a model")

Features I am aiming for include:
 - i18n, l10n and a11y (I feel these are paramount for a core GNOME
 - HIG compliance,
 - Integration with GDM (the face comes from the GDM)
 - GConf support, all screensaver settings should be defined in GConf,
    - what "hacks" to use in the screensaver, what "hacks" are available
    - how long till we blank the screen, etc.
    - a logout policy (anyone can log a user out after x minutes, only
      an admin can log a user out, noone can log a user out, etc)
    - a switch user policy (see integration with GDM)
 - D-Bus support (tell the desktop we're blanking the screen),
 - Solutions to several xscreensaver bugs (it seems to ignore mouse axis
   4 and 5; you can't unblank while it's fading),
 - A better solution to running multiple screensavers on the same
   computer, if they can all run "xmatrix" then run only one copy for
   all screens. We don't have _that_ much spare CPU yet.

I'm not sure how easy some of these problems will be to solve, however
ideally we would just write something new to connect to the old
xscreensaver "hacks". This means we'd still depend on xscreensaver for
the list of different screensavers, but since most of them are quite
pretty, I don't see a problem with that. This also means we wouldn't
lose any functionality.

While I can help on this project, I'm not sure I have to raw abilities
to get it done by myself, and definitely not in time for GNOME 2.8.

Time to get my flameproof pants on.

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