Re: [Fwd: GUADEC cancelled due to beer shortage]

Unless we make further enhancement such that *each version* of gconf releases uses its
*own version* of the backend configuration data.
Can this be done, is this a good idea to explore this?

	You're making zero sense now AFAICS.

	First you wonder whether the rational in the mail justifies making a
change such that editing configuration in a GNOME 2.8 login is not
reflected when you log back into GNOME 2.4 or earlier. Now you suggest
that we make such a change *every* release?

Sorry if I have made a quantum leap in my reasoning, let ignore all suggestions made
for the time being :)

   So just go back to the start,

1) Lessen the pain of sharing a homedir between simultaneous logins by saving apps configuration as atomic units. This then gives us the same hypothetically-broken-but-usually-OK behaviour as regular dotfiles.

What are the probelms you are talking about? Apology if I have dragged the thread longer than it needs to.

 2) Performance improvements

   I like this bit :)



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