Re: GUADEC cancelled due to beer shortage

Hi Joe,

On Tue, 2004-06-22 at 18:29, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:

> This will affect us, as right now, no %gconf-tree.xml files are
> created.  Therefore, we will have to go back through all of our ports
> that use GConf, and change the plists once gconf-2.7.2 (or whatever the
> release will be) comes up :-(.

	Okay, something here sounds wrong to my (probably tainted by RPM) ears

	Do plists contain the list of files in the package itself or the list
of files created by the progress of installing the package or both?

	More importantly, can two packages have the same file in their plists?

	Because, if the answer to the latter question is no, then I don't think
these files should be in plists at all. What if two packages own keys in
the same directory? This is even more likely to cause problems now that
we're merging big sections of the tree into single files.

	e.g. would you have the files in /var/lib/scrollkeeper in a plist?[1]


[1] - Before somebody shouts at me that this implies that everything in
/etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults belongs in /var then yes, perhaps it does,
but I've no real firm opinion on that. If somebody does have firm
opinions on this, they belong on ongoing thread on gconf-list.

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