Re: Extent of localisation customisation

On Thursday at 22:21, Alan Cox wrote:

> On Iau, 2004-06-10 at 09:02, Danilo Segan wrote:
>> I never said that -- I'm not even sure g_strftime exists.  I was
>> referring to using things like "%c" or "%x" (which depend on current
>> locale).  So, if we go the route of making changes in Gnome-only
>> date-n-time libraries, we'd get inconsistent output in many programs
>> (because some would use system functions).
> If they do then the libraries would already be buggy. LC_* allows the
> independant setting of the locale properties already. And whats more -
> it seems to work quite nicely in Gnome apps thank you.

I'm obviously missing something -- this started with a discussion on
how to get things like customized date and time, currency or numeric
formats *per user*.

How do I use LC_* variables to tell my system that I want my numbers
to be output as "1!234;00"?  Those are the options user expect: we
cannot expect users to know that their preferred number format is
what is used in Ireland.  Or can we?

If there's no existing locale with the format I wish, there's no way
to get it without creating a new locale.  If there is such locale, we
have to create a mapping between locales and formats (because of the
user expectations above) such that we show only formats, and use
locales as implementation-detail (along with LC_* variables).


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