Re: Extent of localisation customisation

> That's what my "idea" of generic locales for date,
currency and number
> formats is all about.  Imagine being able to set instead:
>   LANG=ru_RU.UTF-8
>   LC_MONETARY='i18n money-0,000.00 $'
Does this mean we have to produce "money-only" locales
for all currencies which exist in the world?
>   LC_NUMERIC='i18n number-0 000.00'
Well, in this case sure you won't get exponential
grouth of sub-locales - but still your i18n group is
going to be REALLY massive and difficult to maintain.

> This would not depend on the stability of such
locales as en_IE.EURO,
Well, I do not think "stability" is the thing to care
about. Life changes. Ireland change. If Irish locale
changes - it is ok for me for my desktop to change (in
all the aspects which are covered by Irish locale).
And, let's face the truth, for "stable" (hm, not sure
whether this term is politically correct) countries
locales are usually fairly "stable".

> or whatever, and we'd need not try loading all the
locales, and
> looking for a suitable format.  Perhaps doing the
latter (going
But anyway you'll have to show some list of locales -
full or "i18n money-*". And in most cases (well, no
statistics here - it is just my impression) people know
which locale they want for money and for numbers.

> through all the locales, and looking for suitable
format) would work
> in most cases, but it's a bit harder to achieve (even
though it would
> be backwards-compatible; i.e. we'd not require
Exactly! AFAIK GNOME does not exist in glibc-only world.

> locale collections from our users).  Yet, I'm not
even sure detecting
> all available locales is really consistent across
systems (Carlos has
> been doing some work there, if I remember correctly).
That's really bad. I did not investigate this, but if
there is no simple and crossplatform way to implement
getAllLocales - that's problem per se.



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