Re: hardware peripherals [was Preferences, System Tools ]

On Tue, 2004-06-08 at 09:30 -0400, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-06-08 at 03:03, Ross Burton wrote:
> > Yes, it would be nice if gnome-cups-manager had the required HAL magic
> > to get called when a USB printer was added.
> > 
> > Small sad fact of life: all Epson USB printers have the same
> > manufacturer/product code.
> I recall it being mentioned that these printers have some other
> proprietary API that can identify the printer.  It would be possible, I
> imagine, to install a callout that triggers for those Epson USB product
> codes, queries the printer, and updates/corrects the HAL properties for
> the device.

It's actually standard, not proprietary, and HAL uses it today, so fear
not!  We can discuss it further on the HAL list if you'd like, though, I
don't want to clutter ddl much.

As for gnome-cups-manager, I wrote a patch which HALificated it and
started the new printer wizard a few months ago, but I haven't touched
it since then.  Unfortunately configuring printers is still a very
distro-specific thing right now.


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