Re: Preferences, System Tools

On Gwe, 2004-06-04 at 20:01, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Preferences in this list should all be per-user and not require root
> access to configure (at least optionally; the admin may be able to
> disallow setting up specific things).
> Hardware
>       * Screen layout (multiple monitors), resolution, and depth

Administrator has to set constraints (eg what works, monitor actual
ratings, also 72Hz or greater enforcement for crt's in the EU)

>       * Which printer and printer options such as paper
>         (may additionally have presence in print dialogs) 

A lot of printer stuff depends on who controls the printer - which is a
seperate and interesting question.

>       * Power management

Here lie dragons

> Network
>       * Select a wireless network (essid)
>       * Configure and sign on to VPN
>       * Set network proxy

Both proxies and essid can be locked down in some environments - also
going with this is the ability of the administrator to predefine stuff
the user hasn't set properly. That implies a notion of "altered" versus
"default" - eg if the user picks a specific printer and the
administrator makes that the default, then later changes it again it is
different to the user never selecting

> Notes: all cards should dhcp automatically if there's a link. Also, we
> should introduce a "home or work" profile setting; but network profiles
> are *not* a matter of setting up two network configurations, rather
> they're a matter of associating other settings (such as Evolution
> settings) *with* the network you're on. Which network your on should be,
> for the most part, automatically inferred.

Home/work can often be autodetected by wireless presence or dhcp data,
which should also be done. Also of interest is the Apple zeroconf
specification which would mean you could get adhoc networking even
between random passing laptops.

I like the list - its a good basis.

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