Re: Proto initial GNOME 2.6 new modules decision

On Fri, 2004-01-23 at 16:28, Seth Nickell wrote:

> Rhythmbox is not "advanced" multimedia functionality. It is not a "music
> manager" (whatever that's supposed to mean, but RB is a music manager
> whatever that is... RB doesn't even have support for editing ID3 tags
> atm!),

Pretty much all the code for this needed in Rhythmbox has been written. 
We're mostly just waiting on some GStreamer bugfixes to do mp3 tag
writing; vorbis tag writing will require an as-yet-to-be-written ogg

> If we want "playing music" to be one of the tasks the GNOME desktop
> supports, we should include a music player. Rhythmbox is far and away
> the best music player interface available for GNOME in this designer's
> opinion. If we *don't* want "playing music" to be one of the tasks the
> desktop supports, we are crazy and way behind the times.

I tend to agree with you, personally.  However, the Rhythmbox team has
recently decided to withdraw our proposal for being included in GNOME

Here's my reasoning:

1) Some opposition of release team members
2) I'm not sure we'll be able to get GStreamer metadata completely solid
(especially tag writing) by the release date.  What I'd prefer to do is
give the GStreamer maintainers a bit less pressure to hack something in
last-minute, and instead allow them a bit more flexibility to change
APIs.  I do hope that GStreamer 0.8 (which should be in GNOME 2.6) will
be solid enough to support an independently-released Rhythmbox 0.8.  
3) We have a lot of changes in the pipeline (such as ipod support), most
of which affect the UI.  Deferring the Rhythmbox 0.8 release perhaps by
a month will allow us to get all these changes in, instead of punting
them to much later.
4) There's some pretty major bugs with respect to internet radio (in
particular connecting to a dead iradio site) that are very hard to fix
with the current GStreamer architecture, and we'll probably have to punt
to GStreamer 1.0.

Basically, what it comes down to is that if Rhythmbox is going to be
included in GNOME, I want it to absolutely *rock*.  Right now I think
it's pretty good.  But by the time GNOME 2.8 rolls around (and 6mo isn't
that far away, really!), hopefully we'll be there, and we can have this
discussion again then :)

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