Re: new module: gnome-volume-manager

On Tue, 2004-01-13 at 14:48, Rob Adams wrote:

> So if I understand this correctly, there's no reason why HAL and
> therefore gnome-volume-manager couldn't be made to work on other
> platforms (*BSD, Solaris, etc.)?  So gnome-volume-manager could
> potentially be a candidate for desktop release in the 2.8 time frame?


gnome-volume-manager should be 100% platform agnostic.  It should only
depend on core GNOME stuff, D-BUS, and HAL.  Any Linux-specific stuff I
consider a bug and we ought to fix it.

HAL is also platform-independent in design, in the sense that new OS's
can be added.  It keeps system dependencies entirely separate, and it
surprisingly is not too much code.

So if HAL is ported to, say, FreeBSD, then gnome-volume-manager should
just work.

	Robert Love

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