new module: gnome-volume-manager

I put gnome-volume-manager in CVS.

74 word description:

        GNOME Volume Manager is a simple GNOME daemon that acts as a
        policy agent on top of the Project Utopia stack, which includes
        the kernel, hotplug, udev, and HAL.  GNOME Volume Manager
        listens for HAL events and responds with user-configurable
        reactions.  Currently it supports automount of new media and
        hot-plugged devices, autorun, autoplay of CDs and DVDs, and
        automatic camera management.  Its goal is to be simple and free
        of polling and other hacks.

It requires a few bleeding edge components: HAL 0.2.3, udev 0.12, D-BUS
CVS, hotplug 2003_08 or newer, and a 2.6 kernel.

g-v-m, and all of the other components, are moving targets.  Thus things
might be a bit rough in places where changes are frequent or expected. 
Particular, there are some issues in HAL at the moment.  Those will be

Rock the boat,

	Robert Love

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