Re: Translations, GNOME and KDE

On Di, 2004-01-06 at 14:58 -0500, Owen Taylor wrote:
> On Sun, 2004-01-04 at 11:21, Arafat Medini wrote:
> > 2-Reduce the pos to only UI visable strings, no normal user will take a
> > look at Debug strings and so speak with coders about which strings to
> > include on the pos and which not...
> For GTK+, we translate 
>  A) User visible strings
>  B) Error message details that might be displayed in a dialog box.
>     ("File not found", etc.)
>  C) Property description stirngs, as used in a GUI builder.
> But we don't translate debug mesages that indicate a bug in the
> program or a broken GTK+ installation.
> What I'd really like to do separate out C) from the others so we
> had two different domains and .po files for GTK+. That would make the
> main GTK+ .po file much, much smaller and easier to translate.
> This is not hard that hard (some Makefile gymnastics, mostly), but
> we could really use a volunteer to do the work of separating the
> strings into the two categories, since that is a lot of work.
I know that this would work, and I know it would be straightforward, but
I fear doing that:
We'd need to separate the property descriptions file-wise (different
domains, different POTFILES). Do you really like to have
gtkwidgetproperty.c/.h containing gtk_widget_class_property_init which
is called by gtk_widget_class_init? In addition, translators don't like
multi-domain packages, they often get confused and don't look at po-


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