Re: Translations, GNOME and KDE

> > In my experience (I have been translating GNOME since 1.3/pre2.0), the 2.4
> > release process was quite negative in the i18n front. The final list of
> > modules was announced way too late, adding a zillion new strings to our
> > modules.

I totally agree with this as being the only Arabic translator I stumbled
on my feet when looking at the addition of gnopernicus, at that time I
talked muchwith Luis about this and he promosied to do what he can but
it was to late for us...

So Even if I appreciate the work of the coders (I mean for sure I do...)
It would be very good to:
1-know very early in the development process which modules will
eventually be added and how much strings they count...

2-Reduce the pos to only UI visable strings, no normal user will take a
look at Debug strings and so speak with coders about which strings to
include on the pos and which not...

3-Speak more to us I think we play an important role in the development
process, lately I am seeing very nice communication going on BUT still
it would be good to ask us about our thoughts on the addition of a
module etc... in the official gnome release, I think maybe this is a
little bit too far fetched... But Hey let us demand more to get a little
bit then nothing ;)


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