Re: G2.10 Module Proposal: Sound Juicer

On Thu, 2004-12-23 at 10:19 +0900, Ryan McDougall wrote:
> I prefer this too, and I suspect others might wonder why the controls
> are on the bottom. Is there a good reason Ross?

Yes, compare the layout of the SJ2 mockup with the layout of Totem.

> It seems like s-j is preferred because its been around longer, and the
> author is better known. Is that all? 

Note: I've not tried Goobox since a very early version, but SJ supports
audio profiles and configurable output formats, whereas goobox doesn't.

> > I also wonder, perhaps in the longer term, if all of these capabilities 
> > should be included in Rhythmbox. While I love the simplicity of a CD 
> > player app, it does seem a bit odd to have one app for playing CDs, and 
> > another for playing all other music files/formats.
> I thought of that the first time I saw rhythmbox, I actually spent time
> trying to figure out how it played CDs. We have Library, Radio, iPod, so
> why not CD? One would simply need to find room for a "Add to Library"
> button (which I think beats "Extract").
> No doubt Ross and others will disagree (and I'd like to hear why), but I
> think the functionality should go in RB. (However I suspect this line of
> discussion will devolve into why iTunes style interface is bad/good.)

Previous versions of Rhythmbox did indeed have CD playing, and it worked
quite well.  IIRC, there was a total rewrite of the core and the CD
source was never re-created.

I personally like the iTunes style for very large collections of music
(I use iTunes for managing my iPod and I find it quite nice), but I
don't use my computer for playing music that often -- I've got a stack
of CDs next to my hifi for that.  Thus, in GNOME I use straight to the
point applications like gnome-cd and totem to play music.

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