Re: G2.10 Module Proposal: Sound Juicer

Ryan McDougall wrote:
Any luck waving/speaking/collaborating with the goobox maintainer?

I just tried out the latest Goobox (0.6.0) [1], I'm quite impressed. The UI is dead-simple, but does everything I need.

While the UI looks quite similar to Sound Juicer, there are a few nice differences:

 - I prefer the placement of the CD controls in Goobox
   (at the top rather than the bottom, where they are in SJ)
 - *Very* cool use of CD cover art, including a great/simple way
   of searching and selecting cover art from the web. Also has a
   nice default CD icon when there is no cover art available.
 - The most visible/evident function is *playing* CDs, though
   ripping is easily accessible (maybe an "Extract" button on
   the toolbar would be nice though).
 - Nice disclosure triangle to show/hide the track list (which
   allows a really nice 'small' layout option [2])

Screenshots of Goobox are available at

Having only taken a pretty superficial look at Goobox (downloaded, compiled, ran, played with it a bit), it seems quite capable and polished. Is there something I'm missing that Sound Juicer has/does/will-do that makes it a better option?

Goobox is something of an unfortunate name - though perhaps whichever of the two is chosen to replace gnome-cd could have the honour of becoming "CD Player 2".

I also wonder, perhaps in the longer term, if all of these capabilities should be included in Rhythmbox. While I love the simplicity of a CD player app, it does seem a bit odd to have one app for playing CDs, and another for playing all other music files/formats.

Steven Garrity


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