Re: Translations of folder names - two proposals

On Sad, 2004-12-11 at 18:14, Havoc Pennington wrote:
>  - file hierarchy is displayed as multi-rooted in file chooser
Earlier you were describing those as bookmarks (and ~ is a shell
bookmark too)

>  - the Computer folder in nautilus
Already confuses people

>  - making mounted devices appear on the desktop, not in "ls ~/Desktop"
>  - any URI not starting with file:/// displayed in nautilus/filechooser

Already confuses people. Try creating files with names like
file:///ohshit. This mirrors the long standing shell problem of files
called ~fred or "-rf *"

>  - .desktop files
are not really something the user manipulates directly - and I think
that is true for an extremely wide range of users not just the business
technical desktop people are temporarily obsessed with.

>  - .directory files
.directory is a bad idea. I agree

> > I'm still confused why "use this as my Desktop" requires file system
> > support. We've managed since the late 1970's with a flat text file
> > telling programs and users where to put their personal file store. Its
> > translatable, its configurable and programs handle it well. Its called
> > "/etc/passwd".
> It doesn't require filesystem support if you let us do it in userspace,
> as I am advocating. It does require filesystem support if as you claim,
> the UI for the desktop has to be the same as the kernel implementation.

Which I haven't claimed. It needs to be consistent and logical with all
the user space views. That works for $HOME. It can work for $DESKTOP. In
fact since home as desktop does work we have _proof_ because in that
mode $HOME is $DESKTOP.


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