Re: Preferences in Yelp?!

Il giorno sab, 04-12-2004 alle 20:37 +0200, Enver ALTIN ha scritto:
> On Sat, 2004-12-04 at 19:33 +0100, Paolo Borelli wrote:
> > What about having the desktop font preference available in the Desktop
> > Background dialog you get by right clicking on the desktop?
> No, I don't really think so. It's so confusing. I'd expect to find any
> font-related configuration on the font settings capplet.

Didn't you just said two mails above that you wanted to get rid of
Desktop font from the font capplet??

I'm all for having document font etc centrlaized in a common place (font
capplet), however the desktop font is of much more limited scope: it
just affects the Desktop, so I'd find it pretty intuitive to have it in
the same dialog where you can tweak the other preferences of the desktop
(just the background at the moment, but that could also include the grid
preferences that now is in the context menu)


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