Re: Preferences in Yelp?!

Il giorno sab, 04-12-2004 alle 13:20 -0500, Rodney Dawes ha scritto:
> I disagree. However, I think the current UI is overly complicated, which
> perhaps leads you to experience this. As much as possible should be
> configurable. However, most of the configuration should not be readily
> visible in the UI. Having said that, I really like how windows handles
> changing fonts and sizes. Alas though, we do not have an "Appearance"
> capplet to let us change colors, fonts, widget sizes, etc... and to save
> themes from this. I don't think we have time to do one for 2.10, but I
> know it's something a lot of users have wanted for a while. So maybe we
> can start working on it and get something done for after 2.10. And also
> perhaps cleaning up the control center stuff to better split the simple
> bits, and the more advanced capplets or pieces of capplets.

What about having the desktop font preference available in the Desktop
Background dialog you get by right clicking on the desktop?


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