Re: Industrial in 2.10?

On Fri, 2004-12-03 at 19:13 -0500, Seth Nickell wrote:
> > [luca redrum GNOME_HEAD]$ head gtk-engines/ChangeLog
> > 2004-12-01  Thomas Wood <thos gnome org>, Andrew Johnson
> > <ajgenius ajgenius us>
> > 
> >         * Update version to 2.5
> >         * Remove pixbuf and notif engines, and misc other files
> >         * Move crux, hc, industrial, mist, thinice engines over from
> >           gnome-themes and gnome-themes-extras
> >         * Replace with
> 1) Dare I utter the F word? AFAIK, the gnome-themes maintainers were not
> consulted about this change (I wasn't, but maybe Calum was). 

"Freedom"? Given that the module was abandoned, and the engines haven't
been removed from gnome-themes, I think it's fine for Andrew to take
over maintanence of gtk-engines as he pleases. If maintainer/author
consultation is an issue, there would be more people than just you and
Calum to deal with. The ChangeLog entry could have perhaps said "Copy"
or "Import" rather than "Move" though, to reflect that the deletion
part hasn't been done yet. Other than that, there's no need to get pissy
and start a flame war, so please don't.

-- dobey

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