Industrial in 2.10?

Hey dudes,

I'd like to propose again that we shift to a slightly modified Industrial
GTK+ and metacity theme for GNOME 2.10. Before this can happen, one of the
following needs to happen:

 * industrial moved to gnome-themes and actively maintained in gnome cvs
   (preferably the more recent novell version, as the one in g-t-e is a bit
   old and not the focus for active maintenance)

 * industrial released as a separate tarball and actively maintained in cvs
   (less optimal than above, because it would be nice to keep everything in

It's not entirely clear who maintains or is responsible for Industrial, so
we may just have to suffer with the version in g-t-e as a stop-gap. If
anyone (a Novellian perhaps?) can help clear up the confusion, that will
make it easier to actually make this change. :-)


- Jeff

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