Re: Proposal: gnome-user-share

Today at 3:31, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> The command names in /usr/bin are not translated either.

Depends on who you ask — "alias" is pretty handy, you know!

I'm just kidding, but it's easy enough to actually translate all the
commands in a shell, if one so wishes, whereas you're advocating
hard-coding "~/Public" where nobody would be able to translate it
without patching and recompiling!

Yes, these are different issues (configurable location, translating
displayed name), but since we don't have a solution in place for the
latter, I'm asking for the former.  And of course, initial default
should depend on the locale (i.e. be translated).

FWIW, when I started using Gnome, it wasn't translated to Serbian
either: I'm saying that people are ready to go through long journeys
in order to get their software translated, and confronting them with
one more very visible untranslated folder name is going to drive them
nuts (one of the reasons I'm using "$HOME as desktop" is so I don't 
have "Desktop" sitting around my $HOME).  Or is it just me?


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