Re: Proposal: gnome-user-share

<quote who="Jamie McCracken">

> Well returning to the previous thread about having a standard set of
> folders on the desktop, would it not make sense to include a "Shared
> Files" folder among them (I believe we mentioned having things like
> Documents,Pictures,Downloads etc as standard folders with their respective
> paths defined in GConf so that it can be internationalised and clean
> Desktops like Ubuntu could have those folders in Home whilst other
> distro's have them in ~/Desktop etc).

No one has talked about having standard folders on the *desktop*. It has
always been assumed that they would live in $HOME, as with current folders
such as Desktop, Templates, etc.

Also, folder i18n discussion has centred around consistent on-disk names and
translations in the interface, *not* configurable on-disk locations.

- Jeff

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