Re: Hot plugged volumes in the notification area

On Tue, 30 Nov 2004, William Lovaton wrote:

What do you think about it?  I think it will improve usability in the
desktop since you have to minimize all your windows to see the new
available media.

Please! Let's keep the notification area for *notifications*, and not start putting in icons that just sit there and do nothing.

BTW based on Davyds proposal some time ago I was under the impression that GNOME panel applets/notification icons/launchers were going to be "merged" into one kind of applet type. Is this going to happen in the not too distant future?

In fact, this is a fantastic opportunity to tell the user that he have
to unmount the volume before unplugging it.

Not really. The system should be robust enough to handle hot plugging and unplugging, because the user is going to do that regardless.

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