Re: 2.8 bug report

On Tue, 2004-08-31 at 13:27, Murray Cumming wrote:
> > I wasn't expecting to get maintainer approval for this patch by freeze,
> > but if the release team and maintainer are OK with a slightly later
> > patch, I would be more than happy to revise and polish the patch with an
> > eye to trying to commit within the week.
> At this stage (hard-code freeze), the release-team frightens easily, so
> we'd need a good reason to approve a large patch, even in gdm.

Understood.  It's a patch to the gesture listener code, so 98% of users
would not load the affected code at all.

> At the moment, nothing in that bug means much to me - it's a bit too
> technical. If you can persuade us that it's a very noticable regression or
> awful user experience then maybe we could get frightened and beg for a
> patch.

It's not a regression - but it means that certain disabled users
continue to be locked out (as they have been up until now).

> Thanks for keeping a critical eye on things.

No problem.

I think we can consider the gdm issue to be 2.8.1 material, from the
user perspective.  I'd be just as happy to have more time to perfect the
patches myself.

The panel thing is nastier since it is a serious wart on the GOK user
experience overall.  I would certainly patch any system which I intended
to put a GOK user on; I would not give them an unpatched panel to

- Bill

> Murray Cumming
> murrayc murrayc com

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