Re: 2.8 bug report

> Hello,
> Since my request for people to nominate 2.8.0 showstoppers, we've got
> sort-of a list together (I have looked through these and got rid of
> the
> ones that were obviously not meant to be on it).

And you removed one that the maintainer didn't like:

Bug 138535: 'foot' menu atk_object_get_child_count broken by on-demand

This bug really undermines accessibility of the 2.8.0 desktop.  A patch
has been awaiting comment for 4 months, and only today received a

Not a nice state of affairs.  I think this bug is well worth any
potential impact on panel, no workable alternative to the patch has been
suggested, and the performance concerns are theoretical.   I'd like to
see us have the opportunity to get feedback from Padraig, who produced
the patch (and is on holiday at the moment), with an eye to getting the
patch approved for 2.8.0.

There's one other accessibility bug in the list (other than the
accelerator keys problem, which obviously has a big a11y impact): 

142834 nor Nor bill haneman sun com ASSI need new gesture listener for
XInput valuator events whic...  

I wasn't expecting to get maintainer approval for this patch by freeze,
but if the release team and maintainer are OK with a slightly later
patch, I would be more than happy to revise and polish the patch with an
eye to trying to commit within the week.  It's important to accessible
login, but IMO not as critical as the panel issue.

[1] - Note that gnome-panel-main was not on the CC list, only
gnome-panel-qa-maint, so Mark says he had not seen these comments.

- Bill

> For various reasons this list is going out very late in the cycle
> which
> is totally my fault. Sorry :/
> The good news is that most of the bugs on this list are *not* complete
> showstoppers in my opinion. So here's a list of bugs that may be nasty
> in some cases, and you might want to seriously think about fixing
> soon,
> but I might tentatively say the release looks in fairly good shape.

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