Re: 2.8 bug report

> There's one other accessibility bug in the list (other than the
> accelerator keys problem, which obviously has a big a11y impact):
> 142834 nor Nor bill haneman sun com ASSI need new gesture listener for
> XInput valuator events whic...
> I wasn't expecting to get maintainer approval for this patch by freeze,
> but if the release team and maintainer are OK with a slightly later
> patch, I would be more than happy to revise and polish the patch with an
> eye to trying to commit within the week.

At this stage (hard-code freeze), the release-team frightens easily, so
we'd need a good reason to approve a large patch, even in gdm.

At the moment, nothing in that bug means much to me - it's a bit too
technical. If you can persuade us that it's a very noticable regression or
awful user experience then maybe we could get frightened and beg for a

Thanks for keeping a critical eye on things.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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