Re: NetworkManager

El lun, 30-08-2004 a las 15:24 -0400, Seth Nickell escribió:
> > neither, I'm only trying to
> > say that sooner or later, you'll probably need to parse or modify 
> > distro
> > specific files (again, think in static IP networking, PPP users, ...)
> > and this can be easily done through the GST backends, as the XML
> > interface is standard across distros [1]
> Hmmm..... Even with static IPs we probably don't want to use the distro 
> specific config files. Instead we'd have 
> /etc/NetworkManager/whatever.xml. However, it looks like it would make 
> sense to use the g-s-t backends to do initial migration between the 
> distro specific settings and the standard NM config.

If you wont use distro specific config files tu set static IP, the user
will change his settings, will reboot, and he won't see the same IP
address that he set before rebooting. That could counfuse the user.
And adding an init script that restore NM settings after the distro-
specific isn't the good way IMHO. We have a layer to be able of distro-
specific abstraction work, it's g-s-t, I don't think that rewrite code
or find solutions to problems already solved is the best way of work.

Alberto Ruiz

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