Re: default theme consensus

On Wed, 2004-08-18 at 03:12 -0400, Seth Nickell wrote:
> I think Glider is a nice theme, and very much support including it (as
> we are doing), but its also from the "Gradient School of Design". This
> can be attractive, but non-solid backgrounds will also tend to wear on
> people more quickly so gradiented themes are less well suited to being
> a default. Also, to be quite blunt, the window manager component is
> ugly (or at least old-skool NeXt) as sin. But overall, I think Glider
> is good. Indu[b]strial is just better than good ;-)

Yea, I'm not fond of the Metacity theme either. But I wanted something
different than the hacked up Industrial theme I was using.
I have a non-gradient theme that's exactly like SmoothGNOME/Glider.
Is that any better? To me it looks funny all flat. Like it was deflated
or something.
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