Re: default theme consensus

On Wed, 18 Aug 2004, Ryan McDougall wrote:

> > Well, what's the deadline for making the decision? We can see how long
> > we have for dawdling that way. -Link
> If you'll recall, the first thing I said was that *someone* had to step
> up and make the call. Seems no one is...

Yeah, I'm guessing the reason that no one does so is that it no one has
been given the authority to make such a call and no one wants to
overstep their bounds.  Personally, I think not having an authority to
turn to (a "maintainer"), sucks.  Can't we appoint someone or some group
(the release team?) and allow them to make calls like this in the future
(of course, after after attempting to obtain consensus)?  Otherwise, we
just have endless threads restarted multiple times trying to get things to
move but never making progress and leaving some people (e.g. the
documentation team) in a bind and with less time when (if?) the decision
ever gets made.


> 3. Although people (including myself) seem to like Industrial better as
> a visual preference, I think Link's active participation in HIG issues,
> this discussion, and in resolving bugs, gives Glider a decisive
> advantage. Glider's stated goal of HIG compliance makes it more coherent
> when reading the Documentation (arguably the only place where our
> default counts!)

Yeah, I really really like the rounded corners better, but I think this
argument is pretty persuasive for me.  I haven't seen the same level of
active participation from the Industrial maintainer--I'm not even sure
who it is.

But, of course, that's just one more voice in the mix....  *sigh*


P.S. Shaun: did you start doing screenshots for documentation yet?  If so,
which theme did you use?  ...maybe we should use that for our decision
this time around.  ;-)

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