Re: default theme consensus

On Sun, 2004-08-15 at 15:56 +0200, Kai Weber wrote:
> Glider or other Smooth-Engine based themes have a problem where
> Industrial is better: TextEntry-Widgets which are disabled
> (un-editable) are easy to distinguish. See what I mean:
> This is a point for Industial on the usabilty side.

Awesome! You found a bug in SmoothGNOME/Glider. This is not a problem
relating to the Smooth-engine. It was a bug in Glider, which is fixed
with the attached patch. Thank you for pointing that out. That's the
kind of bug I'm looking for.

To try to push the discussion forward a bit since it seems to have died
down. Who is the final authority on making this decision?
And does no one else have usability comments. Does there seem like
either theme is more suitable than the other? Or does it seem pretty
evenly split still?

Calum, could you apply this patch to gnome-themes?
Link Dupont <link subpop net>
--- gtkrc.orig	2004-08-15 08:44:57.000000000 -0700
+++ gtkrc	2004-08-15 08:43:20.000000000 -0700
@@ -352,3 +352,10 @@
 widget "gtk-tooltips" style "tooltip"
+style "textentry"
+    bg[INSENSITIVE] = "#DEDCD7" # Varient of Basic 3D Highlight
+    base[INSENSITIVE] = "#DEDCD7" # Varient of Basic 3D Highlight
+widget_class "*GtkEntry" style "textentry"

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