Window Resizer Grip Inventory

My new pet peeve in Gnome is the inconsistent application of the window-resizer grip in the bottom right corner of windows.

The Gnome Human Interface Guidelines state in the Statusbars section (file:///home/steven/Desktop/hig-2.0/controls-status-bars.html) that statusbars should: "Provide a drag handle in the bottom right corner of the status bar of resizeable windows. Subclasses of GtkStatusbar should use the drag handle provided by that class. A reimplementation of a status bar, which is discouraged, should also reimplement the GtkStatusbar drag handle in both appearance and function."

I've done a quick and informal inventory of which apps in my Gnome-based Fedora Core 2 setup do or don't have the resizer grip. This is not a comprehensive inventory - I really just ran through my applications menu and took some notes:

Has it:
 - Nautilus
 - GEdit
 - Printer Queue
 - Straw RSS Reader
 - Liferea RSS Reader
 - Totem
 - Sound Juicer
 - Sound Recorder
 - GConf Editor
 - System Log

Doesn't Have it:
 - Character Map
 - Dictionary
 - GtKam
 - Gimp
 - gThumb
 - Eye of Gnome
 - Gnome PDF Viewer
 - Pan Newsreader
 - Epiphany
 - Rhythmbox
 - Firefox/Thunderbird (244787)
 - File Roller
 - Yelp

This is just a rough list, and not all of these might be up-do-date, but it is clear that there is a bit of a mix here.

Can (and should) we establish more clear guidelines on the use resize-gripper?

Steven Garrity

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