String freeze fast approaching: August 16th


This is a simple reminder that string freeze is on August 16th, as
indicated in the roadmap[1].  If you don't want to risk "public
exposure" later ;), please review all bugs for your modules that have
the "string" keyword set.

You may get a constantly updated list for some modules here:

For quick access, try something like:
replacing "nautilus" with your Bugzilla product.

But I also suggest searching for other bugs which have "string"
keyword set, yet are not marked as Gnome 2.7/2.8 bugs, because there
may be other bugs around with not so much metadata.

If it's not clear, this is just a personal (and I hope polite)
reminder that any string changes should be done prior to Monday
(possibly including Monday, because of timezones ;) — it's not any
kind of ultimatum, or official note from GTP :).


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