Re: new modules consensus

Not all distros ship with GUI configuration tools. Many distros don't
ship with epiphany as the default browser and many distros will probably
in the future ship with firebird/thunderbird as the default web
browser/email client. That dosn't mean gnome shouldn't include a web
browser and an email client.
Gnome should include them to be complete, and the distros that wont ship
g-s-t modify gnome enough that just not including g-s-t and changing 2-3
gconf keys from using the g-s-t to using thier distro tools is not going
to make a difference.

On Sat, 2004-08-14 at 18:43 +0200, Christoffer Olsen wrote:
> > The backends are designed for still letting the user change the
> > configuration by hand or with his/her distro's tools, if it doesn't so 
> > for you then it's a serious bug
> > 
> > 	Carlos
> > 
> > PD: please, please, before judging the tools beforehand give them a try,
> > and stop misinforming people
> Sorry, I didn't mean to misinform in any way. I just meant that a user
> can end up having to relate to two different sets of configuration
> utilities, having to make a choice. I didn't mean to imply that they
> technically interfere. I won't dictate if that is bad or not, and
> distributions will probably ship GNOME without g-s-t anyway - until they
> realise g-s-t is better ;)
> Christoffer
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