Re: new modules consensus

Inline comments below, although there's not much to say.

tor, 12,.08.2004 kl. 14.06 +0100, skrev Mark McLoughlin:

> - Cantus
>     Consensus seemed to be a "no".   

Agreed. It doesn't seem like a useful tool to be in the Desktop, and if
you need it, you'll get it anyway. It's a bit off the map I believe.

>  - libsoup
>    gal
>    gtkhtml
>    evolution-data-server
>    evolution
>    evolution-exchange
>      I vote (b)

I vote (b) myself. The Evolution team and Novell people seem very
friendly, and I rely on the issues that have been brought up to be
solved rather quickly. Also, the team has worked hard to get ready for

>  - evolution-webcal

It's a nice tool, I'd say if evo is in, this is in too.

>  - gnome-keyring-manager
No opinion.

>  - gnome-nettool

I think this is a handy sysadmin tool, that users can use with guidance.
Yes from me.

>  - gnome-system-tools
>      There was some useful discussion on how to move forward on 
>      integrating some of the system tools into the desktop, but at this 
>      point we need to choose between include g-s-t as it is now, or not 
>      including it at all.
>      The consensus, then, would seem to be that we don't include g-s-t.

It seems immature still, and it can be a bit dangerous with that it
might interfere with distribution specific configuration tools. I say

>  - gnome-volume-manager

Yes, please :-)
>  - vino

Yet another great thing for admins. Yes!

Best regards,

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