Re: new modules consensus

On Thu, 2004-08-12 at 19:38 +0200, Christoffer Olsen wrote: 
> Inline comments below, although there's not much to say.
> tor, 12,.08.2004 kl. 14.06 +0100, skrev Mark McLoughlin:


> > 
> >  - gnome-system-tools
> > 
> >      There was some useful discussion on how to move forward on 
> >      integrating some of the system tools into the desktop, but at this 
> >      point we need to choose between include g-s-t as it is now, or not 
> >      including it at all.
> > 
> >      The consensus, then, would seem to be that we don't include g-s-t.
> It seems immature still, and it can be a bit dangerous with that it
> might interfere with distribution specific configuration tools. I say
> no.

The backends are designed for still letting the user change the
configuration by hand or with his/her distro's tools, if it doesn't so 
for you then it's a serious bug


PD: please, please, before judging the tools beforehand give them a try,
and stop misinforming people

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