Re: default theme consensus

There seems to be valid questions about Indubstrial not working as
expected due to a limitation in the current gtkrc.  I don't know about
Smooth in regards to this.

My opinion is that including the new themes in gnome-themes is a good
improvement for GNOME, however I haven't seen a great technical or
aesthetics reason for making the default switch.  To me it seems like
changing just for the sake of changing.  If Simple were completely
unmaintained or giving people rashes when they looked at it I would see
a valid reason for changing from Simple as the default.  And since
distributions are going to pick whatever default they deem best I don't
think this will have too much effect.  The one area I think this can
have an effect on is marketing, when people see a new look to GNOME they
think "Oh look at all the improvements, everything looks so much

So if the technical reasons are flushed out, I'd like to see the gnome-
marketing (is that still around?) use a new theme for a "Whiz Bang"
campaign of the new GNOME release and how it will make you live a
longer, healthier and more exciting life.

On a personal note I'm using Smooth now and I think it's nice, however
it seems lighter than the old simple which gives some greater contrast
to the icon theme.  I haven't tried indubstrial yet, however I've seen
people using it and it looks pretty, with a matching icon theme.  I'd
probably vote Indub if I had to choose.

~ Bryan

Bryan Clark <bclark redhat com>
Red Hat Desktop Design Ninja

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